The science of sensory perception describes how people perceive products using their senses within the framework of various tests, analyses and measurements. With the help of sensor technology, differences between products can be identified and their causes described. Based on these results, targeted improvements can be made to products in order to ultimately achieve greater market acceptance.


Our Services:

  • Determination & review of product standards
  • Sensory comparison of products
  • Description of sensory product characteristics/ profiling
  • Matching projects
  • Review of the consumer acceptance
  • Validation of advertising claims
  • Selection of suitable raw materials
  • Qualitative evaluation of raw materials
  • Determination of best-before date
  • Cost reduction


  • Sensory Manager with more than 13 years of industry experience
  • 4 spice sommeliers on site
  • Fully equipped sensory lab with 7 test cabins
  • Panel selected and trained according to DIN standards
  • Professional exchange between 19 worldwide Fuchs locations
  • Compusense20 sensory computer system

Our Service:

Discrimination Tests:

Support in matching and optimisation projects. Specialisation in triangle and tedrad tests; other tests are also possible.

Descriptive Tests:

Detailed description of products and presentation of special features and differences. Analysis of competitor products via mapping and sorting by our thoroughly trained panel.

Hedonic Tests:

Eliciting evidence of acceptability, preference and other characteristic attributes (just about right) through our hedonic panel to evaluate new products.

Individual Sensory Training:

Conducting individual trainings on herbs and spices as well as on sensory topics.


If you have any questions about sensory technology, please contact our Sensory Manager Katinka Kern (

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