Injection agent for meat and fish


TenderFox® has been developed to combat production and storage losses in meat and fish and to give a greater yield. TenderFox® is strongly effective when injected as a spray brine into meat and fish. In order to permit reliable and simple processing, TenderFox® is also available as a liquid product for high-concentration brines. In the case of high-volume injection (from 30% injection volume), it is solely available in powder form, including brine stabilisation. Starting from the versatile basic seasoning, TenderFox® is also available in the aroma variants Roast, Smoked and cured and Boiled ham and in the flavours poultry, pork and beef. In combination with TopFox® dry seasoning, TenderFox® can be further used in many other ways, e.g. in the flavours lamb, herbs, chili or smoke. TenderFox® gives you optimum value creation combined with a tiptop flavour – a unique solution.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible increase in value creation
  • Simple to use
  • Gives a juicy and tender result
  • Can be combined with TopFox® top spices for a wide variety of flavours
  • Storage-stable
  • Up to 30% volume, it is also available in a liquid variant

Stabilizer for all kind of meats


StabiFox is the ideal solution for improving the consistency, texture and cost-effectiveness of your products. The products finished with StabiFox are characterized by good form stability, with reduced shrinkage during preparation. Due to the excellent water-binding capacity of StabiFox products, cooking losses can be minimized and succulence significantly improved. Your products also get a significantly better bite and a very pleasant texture. Due to the high functionality of StabiFox products, the best possible process stability and quality of the final product can be guaranteed.


  •  Improves the succulence
  •  Retains water in the product
  •  Improves the texture
  •  Taste neutral
  •  Easy handling
  •  Varied uses
  •  Reduces shrinking during heating
  • Active added value

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