Whether they are oil marinades, emulsion marinades, starch marinades or dry marinades (rubs), and with or without binder compounds, our products are precisely tailored to meet the various challenges of preparing meat products, frozen products and semi-finished convenience dishes.

From exotic to classic and traditional, flavour, appearance and haptics are always delightfully harmonised.

Our variants in summary:

  • FoxMaro® – oil marinades
  • FoxMare® – emulsion marinades
  • FoxMadry® – dry marinades
  • FoxMaris® – starch  marinades


Brand new:

FoxMare marinade with Skyr 

Our five finely tuned emulsion marinades with Skyr includes 28% of Skyr and are available for pork, beef, poultry, fish and vegetables. Moreover Skyr is a very good ingredient for dips.

The proportion of Skyr provides taste of freshness and an extra boost of protein. In combination with the emulsion marinades, fermented Skyr makes meat, fish and vegetables tender and is also low in calories.

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