Bindings, texture, seasonings


for vegetarian products

With VeggieFox®, you can produce vegetarian or vegan patties, schnitzel, sausages, burgers, röstis, meatballs, nuggets or sliced "meat". The product range is modular in design and can be combined with many Fuchs products. Seasoning + binders + texturate + top spice or marinade or breadcrumb coating. All components are also available individually, allowing you to be flexible in your use.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Meat-like texture to your specifications
  • Highly versatile with excellent sensory properties
  • Pourable and thus easily dosed
  • Flexible in use, as all-in-one or single solution (modular system)
  • Can be combined with top spice and FoxMaro® (marinades)
  • Freezer and defrost-stable (suitable for MAP* and frozen foods)
  • Simple to use (add water and oil


* MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Dry vegan compounds

Simple to use, versatile applications, just-in-time production

Whether in tortellini and ravioli, in or on antipasti (e.g. chili, courgette, aubergine, sweet pepper), in filo pastry or other baked items - these highly varied dry vegan compounds can be used in many different ways. And naturally, not just in vegan food, but also in, e.g., fish bakes.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Can be used in many different ways (not just for vegan and vegetarian dishes) 
  • Can be simply mixed with water in just-in-time production, but are also usable in dry form
  • Long shelf-life, as it is a dry product
  • Matches with the vegan/vegetarian trend
  • Many different flavours, and more can be individually created


Mix the dry compound in water in a ratio of 25% (water temperature ideally at 90°C, as this will allow complete swelling of the chickpea meal and give the best flavour development). For glossiness and an optimum mouthfeel, add 1-2% of vegetable oil.

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