Product protection with rosemary

Sausage products, salad dressings, delicatessen or convenience foods - whatever it is, consumers appreciate fresh, visually perfect food. Optimise your product quality and freshness with RoxFox® products. At the same time, secure your colour stability and opt for maximum product protection.
RoxFox® is available in water-soluble or oil-soluble variants, and also in E number free variant "N".

N for natural
RoxFox® products W-N and O-N each have a harmonious flavour profile, while also offering antioxidant potential. Apart from indication of spice or spice extract, no further declaration is necessary when using RoxFox® W-N and RoxFox® O-N. Thus, there is no need to declare an E number under the German Food Additives Regulation (ZZulV).
RoxFox® benefits:

  • Optimisation of product quality
  • Optimum colour stabilisation
  • Optimum active substance distribution
  • Use in brine applications
  • Use in products high in oils and fats
  • Prevents fat auto-oxidation
  • No declarable E numbers (W-N, O-N)
  • No added allergens
  • No gene-modified ingredients

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