As a partner of the food industry, we deal with current food trends and market events on a daily basis and analyze how we can develop trend-oriented, customized products for our customers. Based on these findings, we present individual topics in our quarterly Culivision Trend Report. We would be happy to develop YOUR product based on the ideas presented. Contact us.


Culivison Trend Report Issue 3

Belém Pepper 

Combine taste and sustainability with our Belém pepper. Enjoy the most sustainable
pepper in the world in 3 different ways.

Culivision Trend Report Issue 2

European Championship 2024 in Germany 

In line with the theme, we have developed various products in Germany colors black,red,
gold especially for the meat, snack and dairy industry. Herewith the soccer evening
becomes even more beautiful :-).

Culivision Trend Report Issue 1

Super trend pulses

The use of pulses in the snack, meat and dairy industries is rising and rising. Pulses are
seeds and plants that mature in a pod. They are harvested overripe, dried and, if
necessary, shelled. The legume genus includes: peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, lupins,
soybeans and peanuts. The following are exciting product ideas on the topic.