Spices, blends, herbs

We have been dealing in spices and herbs since 1952. As a result, over the decades we have developed a thorough expertise in the challenges of processing. We purchase only whole spices and gently grind them in our own mill. We cultivate many of the spices on our own farms in Germany and process these into premium products. Whatever flavour you wish to achieve – we offer a comprehensive assortment of spices, herbs and blends of standardised quality which are completely traceable.


Belém Pepper - Probably the most sustainable pepper in the world

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MicroFox® - Micro-ground spices

Refining and grinding spices and herbs has always been our core competence. Now we have succeeded in producing a range of micro-ground spices. For the most part, the products are ground <100μ, but at least <150μ. Conventionally ground spices are usually between 300μ and 800μ. This ultra-fine grinding makes it possible for the first time to inject real spices into meat. Likewise, a significant increase in the upfronttaste is possible, for example, with crisps (icing sugar effect). Depending on the application, extracts used for colouring can also be replaced by real, micro-ground spices.


Generel advantages of MicroFox®:

  • 100 % natural
  • Authentic, unadulterated taste
  • Homogeneous distribution

Advantages for meat:

  • Injectable
  • More intense colour (paprika, turmeric, cinnamon)
  • No visible particles

Advantages in snacks:

  • More upfronttaste
  • More intense taste
  • No visible particles

Advantages for dairy products:

  • More intense colour (paprika, turmeric, cinnamon)
  • No visible particles


We manufacture the following MicroFox® products:

Paprika, turmeric, white pepper, black pepper, garlic, onions and cinnamon. Ideal for snacks, dairy, meat and convenience products.