Flavour enhancer

Intenso Pur®

The natural flavour enhancer

Intenso Pur® is a substitute for traditional seasonings. It gives products a balanced, aromatic flavour and completes the total sensory impression.
Intenso Pur® flavour enhancer from FUCHS is available in different variants:

  • Intenso Pur®: with visible spice particles
  • Intenso Pur® Extrakt: no visible spice particles, suitable for cooked, cured products, boiled sausages and many convenience products, soups, sauces and snacks
  • Intenso Pur® ohne Dextrose: specially developed for the production of dried sausage and semi-dried products.
  • Intenso Pur® Bio: with visible spice particles and ingredients from certified organic farms

Benefits at a glance:

  • No addition of monosodium glutamate
  • No yeast extract
  • No palm oil
  • No seasoning (HVP)
  • No declarable additives
  • No declarable allergens (according to Annex III FIC)

The only ingredients to be  declared in the end product are cooking salt and spices, or additionally, in the variant Intenso Pur®, dextrose, and in the variant Intenso Pur® Extrakt, dextrose and spice extracts.

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