Vegetable and fruit seasonings


Savoury vegetarian preparations based on vegetables and fruits

Savoury, germ-reduced preparations with loads of vegetables and fruits – that's what you get with our G‘OBST products. Fully vegetarian and ideal for dips, pasta, spreads, fillings and much more – they are in demand wherever fruit and vegetables are favoured as healthy ingredients. We should be pleased to develop a suitable customised seasoning for your product. As well as our LiquidControl technology for germ reduction, all G‘OBST products can also be combined with other Fuchs technologies, and can thus be customised down to the last detail to match your requirements.

G‘OBST benefits:

  • Fresh natural flavour from the combination of vegetables and fruits
  • 100 % vegetarian and vegan
  • Refreshing mouthfeel
  • Can be developed to match customer requirements
  • Easily dosed, as they are in liquid format
  • Bake-stable
  • Clean label
  • Germ reduction by FUCHS LiquidControl technology

G‘OBST applications:

  • Dips and creams
  • Delicatessen products
  • Drinks (e.g. buttermilk, whey)
  • Pasta
  • Spreads (e.g. cream cheese, quark)
  • Savoury pastries
  • Fillings
  • Pizza

Some of our ideas:

  • Leek and apple
  • Potato and pear with rosemary
  • Yellow pepper and mango
  • Sweetcorn and pineapple with curry
  • Tomato, sweet pepper and apricot with rosemary
  • Sweet pepper and papaya