As with all agricultural products, herbs and spices are exposed in the field to many germs conveyed by soil, wind and animals. Over the years, we have developed various technologies which, in a very gentle way, greatly reduce the total germ counts of herbs and spices, while optimally preserving their colour and aroma.



Pasteurised, liquid and paste-form herb and spice preparations

The LiquidControl (LC) procedure allows the food industry to use herb and spice preparations with a greatly reduced germ count. The gentle pre-heating ensures high quality in the end product. Seasoning intensity and a fresh colour are retained without adding preservatives. Customised LC products are delivered in aseptic containers with an online dosing device.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Safe and stable products with germ reduction
  • No added chemicals, no gas treatment or radiation
  • Avoidance of preservatives and high-temperature processing
  • Aseptic filling in multi-use containers
  • Online dosing thanks to pumpability and precise viscosity settings
  • Customised recipes for specific applications and innovations
  • Optimum flavour and perfect appearance of end product.
  • Optimum use for fresh and convenience products and for chilled food

A combination with the Herbafresh procedure for herbs guarantees an optimum retention of subtle herb notes and fresh green colour.


Germ-reduced spices

MicroControl technology is based on the heating of spices in a humid water-vapour atmosphere. This gives an almost complete reduction of the total germ-count in spices, but without negative effects on the value-determining spice components, or the spices' flavour and appearance.

The germ-reduced products can be used in many different foods, and guarantee a longer shelf-life without any use of preservatives.

Herbafresh products

Germ-reduced, colour and aroma-stable herbs

Our very own Herbafresh procedure allows fresh herbs to be gently stabilised and their shelf life extended by means of taste-neutral ingredients and salt.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Low germ count compared to frozen and fresh products
  • Improved microbiological stability compared to fresh products
  • Improved colour retention in the end product
  • Better texture (crispness) compared to frozen
  • Less bleeding/discoloration in the end product, compared to frozen and fresh products
  • Better aroma retention
  • Simplified storage
  • Simpler processing and dosing, as the products can be pumped
  • A price alternative to frozen herbs

Use of Herbafresh herbs:

  • In vegetables and potato dishes
  • In soups, sauces and salads
  • For garnishing fish and meat dishes
  • In quark and dips

Many variants available – do get in touch.



Product protection with rosemary

Sausage products, salad dressings, delicatessen or convenience foods - whatever it is, consumers appreciate fresh, visually perfect food. Optimise your product quality and freshness with RoxFox® products. At the same time, secure your colour stability and opt for maximum product protection.
RoxFox® is available in water-soluble or oil-soluble variants, and also in E number free variant "N".

N for natural
RoxFox® products W-N and O-N each have a harmonious flavour profile, while also offering antioxidant potential. Apart from indication of spice or spice extract, no further declaration is necessary when using RoxFox® W-N and RoxFox® O-N. Thus, there is no need to declare an E number under the German Food Additives Regulation (ZZulV).
RoxFox® benefits:

  • Optimisation of product quality
  • Optimum colour stabilisation
  • Optimum active substance distribution
  • Use in brine applications
  • Use in products high in oils and fats
  • Prevents fat auto-oxidation
  • No declarable E numbers (W-N, O-N)
  • No added allergens
  • No gene-modified ingredients

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