Visual enhancement

In the current strongly competitive food world, every product must be shown to its best advantage to win the attention of the end-consumer and end up in the shopping trolley. Apart from quality and functionality, appearance also plays a decisive role.


Edible coatings for meat, sausage and cheese products.

Dipping compounds have long been in use as edible coatings. But SkinDekor makes it possible to apply these coatings to a wide variety of products in a single work operation.

Our herb, paprika, garlic, pepper, cheese and fruity coatings are all appealing, both visually and in terms of flavour.

SkinDekor products are sliceable, quick-drying and can be used in machines. 
This surface treatment has proved particularly successful for dry sausage, cheese and vegetables. An optimum immersion temperature is defined for each SkinDekor compound. By varying the immersion temperature within the specific range, the desired coating layer can be built up on the products.

Benefits at a glance:

  • All ingredients (spices, surface effect) are retained and adhere optimally to the product
  • Simple, problem-free usage in one immersion operation, both in manual processing and in automatic dipping systems
  • Protection from weight and aroma losses
  • Excellent cuttability without crack formation
  • Greater cutting output due to flexible coating mass