Microencapsulation of spices and extracts


Microencapsulation of spices and extracts

The challenge:
Grinding spices breaks down their natural protective layer, exposing the valuable contents and allowing them to escape. The consequence is high aroma loss and a severe reduction in quality. This is where KapFox® technology comes in.

The solution:
Natural flavourings and colorants in spices are preserved both by adhesion to sugars and in the form of droplets trapped in a sugar-starch matrix. In this way the extracts are protected from evaporation, oxidation and the effect of light.

On contact with humidity, the reverse process occurs:
the glass-like sugary mass is dissolved, and flavourings and colorants release their original natural properties. In colour-producing extracts of paprika and curcuma, a further positive effect is exploited: the particles, which are small and
homogeneous when distributed in the sugar-starch matrix, produce a stable coloured emulsion when mixed with water – without the use of emulsifiers (E numbers).

The following applications can be given as examples. We provide the following KapFox® products:
Curcuma, paprika and pepper oleoresins, basil oil, garlic oil, orange oil, pepper oil,
rosemary oil, thyme oil, lemon oil, onion oil, curcuma, garlic, paprika, pepper, onion
We should be pleased to develop your own customer-specific variants. Do get in touch.

Benefits of KapFox®

Full aroma protection

  • Neutral tasting
  • Many different uses, e.g. for dairy, snack and meat products
  • Or for convenience foods such as,
    • Pizza
    • Casseroles
    • Fish bakes



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